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  1. If you think about it, his final putt was unnecessary. He was going to be
    the US Open Champion even wit ha 2 putt. After all, Amy Mickelson has the
    baby the next day. So had Stewart missed the putt, Phil would have walked
    out on the 18 hole playoff to be with her, just as he was all set to do the
    entire tournament

  2. At no point during the entire 72 holes of that championship was Payne
    Stewart over par. He drove the ball particularly well that week, which made
    holding the greens a lot easier. On the back nine Sunday he scrambled
    brilliantly, then showed the heart of a lion those last three holes. If any
    man ever deserved to win a tournament, it was Stewart at the ’99 US Open.

  3. With the way he dressed, Stewart would look right at home at Pinehurst #2
    this weekend.

  4. Who the FUCK disliked this?? These are two of the most earnest and
    respectable men to ever play golf.

  5. Ultimate jynx. Not to be insensititve to Payne’s heartfelt words, may he
    rest in peace. I hope Phil can win one, I really do!

  6. That is how you win with class. Tiger may have more victories but he will
    NEVER hold a candle to Payne Stewart in the most important category of

  7. Not only was the putt at 18 amazing but how brilliant was the shot at 17
    and the putt on 16 monster putt he had for par on 16

  8. He held Mickelson in his hands and said “You are going to be a father”!
    Very powerful! I don’t think Mickelson will ever forget that act of

  9. How prophetic when Payne said “my opportunities may be on the short list”
    compared to Phil. Mind blowing that he would die that same year in an
    airplane malfunction

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