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Scott looks forward to Augusta

Australian golfer Adam Scott will have to return his green jacket to the clubhouse of the Augusta National in a few weeks’ time but he has claimed that he is on track to claim it for the second time.

Scott admitted that although he was not happy with his performances at the recently concluded World Golf Championship – Cadillac Championship at Doral and he knows he has to put in a lot of work before the ball tees off at the fabled Augusta National course in a few weeks’ time but has also added that he feels confident that he will be able to turn things around in time and make a good showing at the event which will be held between the 10th and 13th of April.

Scott managed to card a score of over par at the Doral course and although the course has drawn a lot of criticism for being revamped radically in the last one year, but Scott feels that hasn’t been an issue and he knows he will have to do a lot better if he is to have any chance of winning the major title once again.

The Australian came very close to winning the Australian Triple Crown last year but failed in the end and he also believes that that heartbreak will work as a catalyst for further success for him in the future.

And he knows that he will have to work a lot harder compared to last season because most people have become aware of his game and he will have to find new tricks and add a lot more to his game.

He stated that he will work and if things look difficult, things will have to be pushed but if things look better, he will try and keep fresh and rest.