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  1. I’ll never forget this. I was really excited to finally see Phil get a
    major win. He really deserved it. Phil Mickelson is one of the classiest
    and nicest guys I’ve ever seen and is one of the best golfers I’ve ever
    seen in my life. Phil is my favorite golfer of all time.

  2. Is it really 10 years since this happened? #tearintheeye #backnine30

    Phil Mickelson’s first major win @ the 2004 Masters

  3. I remember watching it in Ireland. One of my favourite golfers ever, an
    absolute gentleman in the game and one of the great role models. 

  4. I still remember watching at night here in Scotland. Never had someone
    deseved it more. Whats the music in the background

  5. Nothing is worse than a copycat. I feel for u, but to your credit, I really
    enjoyed the vid thank u

  6. I jumped out of my chair when Lefty finally won. We have two things in
    common- we share a birthday, and we both play lefty.

  7. One of those sports memories I remember where I was. Not even a huge golf
    fan but I always liked Phil.

  8. ya what is with this shitty music in the background? i feel like im
    watching miami vice

  9. Birdie. Drive in the fairway, iron to front far left, good (but aggressive)
    lag putt for eagle, jarred the birdie.

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