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  1. i find the hinge and hold method easier off tight lies and the other better for fluffier lies. Phil’s method pinches the ball more where luke’s brushes the turf. i also find lukes better for chips i dont have to fly that far or for short ploppy shots, phils is easier for longer checking shots

  2. are you having a laugh mickelson chipping is bad look at the stats!! he just hit the odd amazing shot and is good in the majors from 120- 60 yards and putts well from 10 foot in. 1st time hes been in the top 10 in scrambling for since 05. also he playes it more off the front foot.

  3. This a great video that simply explains their differing techniques. I like the way you demonstrate their moves!

  4. I encourage everyone to use both techniques depending on what the shots calls for. Use both and you will have more shots in the bag.

  5. well presented and easy to follow…i’ve been emulating-or trying-Phils technique,and made great improvements…however agree its’ very much practicising,trialling and testing diff styles to get what your most comfortable with.

  6. I like Michelson’s “Hinge and Hold” it is a very consistent method and I use it, but really Luke’s method is not so very different, only a slight difference.

  7. A comparison of the their Fulls swings would reveal that Phil uses more hands, and is a swinger, while Luke is less handsy, and hits at the ball more. Neither style is better or worse, dependent upon how the individual swings the club; swinger or hitter.

  8. i feel that phil’s method gives me more feel, and luke’s method is more consistent

  9. i would argue that it is less repeatable as it has more moving parts and room for error

  10. Your absolutely right, Phil has one of the best shortgames if not the best. The only problem is his technique in my opinon is very hard for the majority of us to copy and be consistant. My biggest tip would be to experiment and develop your own style and make sure you practice it hard.

  11. I always try to copy Phils short game, to me hes got the best short game out there!

  12. Phil is hitting almost a mini-pitch shot when he chips, the secret to the wrist set is to get the club head moving away from the ball when you take it back while at the same time keeping the lead arm and hand pointing down at the ball for as long as possible before moving it back off the ball. The farther back the clubhead moves away from the ball while keeping your lead arm directly over the ball the more wrist set you can create. Many shots are possible with this technique from various setups.

  13. When describing and demonstrating Luke’s technique, you left out his biggest asset… rhythm and timing. There never seems to any “hit” in Luke’s chipping and pitching. Beautiful…

  14. I hv been using phil chip style, I found it u need A LOT of practice to avoid mis-hit. If u don’t no what you r doing don’t force yerself to use phil’s way.

  15. i’ve been using a modified version of donald’s chipping style for the past few months now…i lean the shaft a little more forward and keep my hands quiet in the back swing…i find this gives me more consistency, especially with lower lofted wedges ( i use a 52 mostly).i find phils method causes me to mishit way too many easy chips

  16. However, it’s started to gradually kill my short game with plenty of duff/fat shots which has crippled me mentally. however trying the Donald method I find it much easier to hit consistent chips. Ultimately though you just need ton spend a few hours on the practice ground to see which method suits your style. Excellent article though! Keep up the posts!!

  17. I have tried to use Phils hinge and hold method for the past two years ( after buying his DVD).

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