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  1. I love how some comments below are telling us how to play golf! No offence but I think I would rather take the advice from a PGA tour champion and golf hall of famer than some moron who thinks he knows better! I have watched Phil’s short game DVD and it has helped my game out of sight!

  2. It doesn’t seem like that drill in frame 00:35 to 00:40 has helped him much because he still misses them regularly, lol.

  3. This is such a great resource for amateurs and pros alike. Phil has been one of the greatest advocators for the importance of a good short game for a long time.
    Most players need to be wary though… Phil has time to hone the exceptional feel he displays. less frequent players would do well to look at simple bio-mechanics to execute consistent pitches and chips through a stable lower body and spine angle as well as the feel.

  4. The important thing in the golf swing is that the hands and the grip are traveling at the same speed at all times.

  5. Phil sure can drop some dope rhymes. He should make a rap album when he has some time off from golf.

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