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Patron Corridor Unveiled, New Golf Shop

When patrons arrived at Augusta National Golf Club new main Golf Shop which is a part of revamped patron drew “oohs” and “aahs” at Sunday morning.

As compared to the previous shop this shop has twice shape and has a new facility and it resembles like a large department store with a large display of merchandise. In this large department store there are 385 mannequins inside the shop and total of 64 registers to keep the record of customers and to ensure the check in and check out of the customers.

Francis, Omar, of Grovetown, has the main feature for the extra space which allow him to ease the navigate of the shopping experience.

He said “I love it as now it is 10 times easier to go through it and move in this departmental store.”

Now with this large store he and his wife pick lots of shirts, T-shirts, caps and other items and filled two shopping bags and her wife also said “It’s a beautiful building.”

All these improvements include new concession area, new tables and chairs in the picnic area also.

On this Sunday the merchandise area where the former press building and golf shop was existed now the new items were debated. The most popular items, where the garden gnome was there the Augusta National caddie are addressed.

Other items like needlepoint wallets of the clubhouse and Amen Corner has a new variety of new Keychain designs which is also available.

Michael Porter of Greenville says “Every year there’s something new and this shop never disappoints me, I am coming here from last 27 years.”

She said “This golf shop is first class and I wish that I could restrict myself on spending restriction, but every time I fail miserably.”