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McCarron At PGA Tour

McCarron has a successful stint at PGA Tour Champion event. It was held in Virginia on November 6th.

There are several images of him holding the trophy after the win at Dominion Charity Classic golf tournament. As his fans know, Scott came on with the goal of winning the first position of the Charles Schwab Cup championship. He accordingly played with such an aim in mind when he took a position on the course on Sunday at the Dominion Charity Classic race. He played in splendid form, being able to hit the first hole with a putt of six feet. He played along with Tom Byrum and won the second among the three playoff events in PGA Tour championship. McCarron will be starting off in Scottsdale next week at Arizona. As per points and position he is behind Bernhard Langer, who has been defending champion two times with this cup.

Scott looks forward to the event, stating that Bernhard Langer has had a good year, but that will also mean that he needs to perform well in the playoffs. McCarron on the other hand, feels that, he will be able to play in a consistent manner next week; he would be in control of his feats. Being in the top five rankings, McCarron certainly knows what he is talking about. He has also won the PGA Tour championship three times. He was at the Principal Charity Classic which he won in June. This was a victory in the senior category for him in the state of Iowa.

Having had a good year, he confesses that there are good feelings that he carries forth. He has also been able to win the playoffs, which had given him a good deal of confidence. He now looks forward to winning the Schwab cup as well.