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Ian Faces Alligator In RBC Course

There was much excitement when Ian Poulter came face to face with an alligator at the RBC Heritage title round.

When the English champion was playing his rounds, a key shot was made near a water body where an alligator was present. However, the incident did not put him off and he managed to keep his cool when playing the rest of the rounds in South Carolina.

Many say that Ian got the better of the alligator as he was playing the eventful golf links in South Carolina which was the venue for the RBC Heritage title tournament. The tenth tee shot went into the water as his shot was skewed. When his ball was dropped he saw that a nosy alligator was right at the edge of the bank.

The pictures of the incident show him at close proximity with the alligator who finally retreated as his caddie did what he could to scare off the beast. It was definitely something that would jar the concentration of any player. Ian Poulter had to keep his feet steady and play his shot. He was able to drill the ball to the green and finished with a score of double bogey six for a hole of 472 yards. The total performance on a round of 69 left him in the fifth position. What was amusing was that Poulter did not lose his cool in lining up his shot even when the alligator was close by. However, he was made aware of the alligator so that he knows how to make the shot accordingly. This made a lot of interesting news for the fans and the crowd. Being a professional English golfer, he is part of the top ranking golfers who play the PGA tour as well as the European tour.