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10 thoughts

  1. You like this guy’s GOLF lesson because you both knows TaiChi??? that’s why you are not a good golfer. wtf

  2. I like your way of teaching and I understand taichi too. This tempo exercise is cool. I will try it out next time in the range.

  3. els doesn’t sway he uses a forward press to start the backswing. his tempo is what makes his swing so smooth.

  4. hahahah this is the last thing u should be teachin your basically tellin people to sway !!! hacker !!

  5. Really, for a hacker this swing ain’t too bad. But if you want to learn something about Els’ Swing Rhythm and “Feel” listen to the man himself and watch the video
    Ernie Els Swing Tip. Hope you understand and decide to delete your vid.

  6. oh one more thing, please don’t say you know how to swing as Els’s tempo. You are giving Els a bad name

  7. sorry, your swing is not smooth, you take your club way inside. you should not teach people if you don’t know what’s going on with your own swing.

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