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  1. Not the worst ever player myself @hcp 3, but i would stop golf immediately if i could strike the ball like he does on that second ball for three times in one round. Wow!

  2. GREAT VIDEO ..Would you like to play golf like a PRO in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS .. IF SO CLICK ON MY CHANNEL . THANK YOU 😉


  3. One of the best swings on the PGA tour I think. Lovely and controllable. Amazing how smooth he swings the club then hits 300 yard shots with his driver

  4. this is the first video about how to improve your swing that makes sense

  5. Quite possibly the best video for when you are having an off day. Sometimes when you lose your swing….go back to the basics. Staying connected and in the box as he puts it will always be a good fall back to get your mojo back. Ernie is the man

  6. asking for thumbs up shouldnt give you thumbs up, but to answer your question: Yes, I did watch this video over and over 😉

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