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  1. I remember seeing him at the 2003 British Open. Amazing swing, such fluidity and clubhead speed that was amazing. He hit a 426yard drive that day and I saw it – is great to see the top guys in the flesh

  2. early wrist cock and very little tension in your body-same with grip pressure.

  3. look were the ball is before he finishes his swing– 125 yards to the target already

    hes got so much ball speed

  4. also, hit 9 billion balls a day and get david leadbetter as ur coach… and u said cocking… LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  5. Drpepperpimp4
    Tips on Ernie’s Swing.
    1. Unbelievable flexibility
    2. Great tempo 1,2 same back same through
    3. Equally dominate right and left, Arms and hands
    4. Hips, Torso, shoulders, arms and hands all moving together
    5. Relaxed hands and arms
    6. perfect ball position = Solid Strike
    7. Tall individual creates maximum leverage
    8. Full distance between head and hands at the top.
    9. early cocking of hands to set club on correct swing plane
    10. Swinging at less than 80 percent effort

  6. Wow..He swings just like the swinging machine.
    What was the name of that?.. Iron Byron??
    What a golf swing!

  7. wow amazingly smooth i wish i could do that if anyone has tips about how to hit that smooth could u plz post them?

  8. Els has the best swing out there.  I like Tiger’s but Els move is like poetry.

  9. just seen him at the British Open at hoylake. Was at the back of the 17th tee box and he took the driver…………….such a smooth and easy swing yet it travelled so far! Most impressive swing I seen, including Tigers!

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