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  1. dear sir my condolences, i’m sure it will all come back quickly.

  2. He SHOULD switch back to Talorymade or Titeliest instead of using shit Callway. he has won so much when he wasnt using Callway

  3. last year I was when i was middle of summer and playing my tourney golf i was shooting 72, 71 avg. pretty good. But with my 3 1/2 month layoff from the winter and snow i went down to South Carolina and popped off 90, 86, 74, 84, 86 def not my best and boy am i glad its only january!

  4. @chang248 he’s actually won a couple of majors…i’d really like to see him win at augusta though

  5. I’m guessing your average is about 78 on a course with a 72 rating. Of course I have no idea what your short game and putting looks like, but that looks like a swing of about a 5 or six handicap

  6. Thanks! Yeah im in a funk right now playing horrible. what do you think i shoot with that swing if i was playing bad. i bet you will never guess???

  7. I know, right? He’s my favorite player, and he’s got such an efficient swing! i looked at your page and your swing’s good too keep playing man

  8. okay. i believe you. yea i guess it doesnt matter how ugly ur swing is. fairways, greens 1 putt and all is good. I LOVE Ernie’s swing. wish i could have all of his ability!

  9. nah that was just a guess that I thought was funny cuz his swing’s so ugly. I looked it up and McDowell/Garrigus actually have the highest greens in reg. percentage right now but Ernie and Jim are right up there

  10. @chang248 he already won us open twice and the open championship once.

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